Junior Tennis Racquet Exchange Program

Slammer & Challenger Players
Participating in the Tahoe Tennis Academy (Ages 5-12)

Free Head Junior Tennis Racquet given to each player registered for 2 or more weeks of the 2016 Summer Tahoe Tennis Academy Program.   

Information: How many little racquets do you have in your closet that could use a good home. Junior players use different size racquets during the stages of learning the game of tennis. For example, a 5 year old will use a 19' racquet where a 7 year old should move up to a 21'. There are also size 23' 25' and the standard size 27' racquets that adults use. In the Tahoe Tennis Academy we will use the age and size appropriate tennis racquets for developing strength, control and confidence. In addition to the size of racquets younger players will use different tennis balls and tennis courts.  

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How it works: It's simple . . . the Tahoe Tennis Academy will give your son or daughter a free size appropriate tennis racquet for registering for at least a two week full tuition program. In a year or so when they grow out of that racquet it will be returned for the next size up at no cost but another 2 week program tuition. It's like graduating to the next stage of training and learning.  Move on with a larger racquet, court and understanding of the game of tennis from the Tahoe Tennis Academy and leave the other behind with a sense of accomplishment and knowing that someone will be starting where you were. (*Note: if you have another sibling that can use that size of racquet then the purchase of the same program of 2 weeks the following summer is still needed to participate in the program.)